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On School Lunches
March 25, 2009, 8:21 am
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Caterer – British for lunch lady.

Pretty nice, wish the US would pick this one up!


March 24, 2009, 2:08 pm
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Email from my boss:

Hello! Hope you had a good weekend. Attached is the content for the Facebook thingummyjigummy.
Please give me a ring if none of this makes any sense
Thingummyjigummy – British for thingymajiggy

Someone Understands…
March 23, 2009, 9:58 pm
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From Time’s “Class Pictures”:

I knew something was wrong with this, with young, innocent children being sick in the way they were, and I wished I could take their pain and suffering from them. From then on, I look at people with a different outlook, and I see how ignorant many people are from events like that, and it lifts me to a new level of understanding.

4 More Years…
March 23, 2009, 7:07 pm
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Of Chris Matthew’s.

He renewed his contract at MSNBC for four more years, reports NYT

Maybe he’ll just get to do Hardball, and we won’t have to see him in election coverage, on NBC Nightly News, during the daytime newscasts, etc.

Steph, I guess you’re right, it’s only the loud obnoxious people that actually get spots on TV.

This is one time I really wish Tim Russert was still here – at least there was some solace on the weekends.

Citizen Participation in the Press Conference
March 23, 2009, 7:01 pm
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Reminder: tomorrow, Obama press conference, primetime, your television (for me, it’s Wednesday morning youtube clips)

HuffPuff is running a story about how Chuck Todd is soliciting questions from ordinary American citizens to ask the President at the Press Conference.

Chuck Todd is getting submissions from Newsvine.com, First Read, and AskThePresident.

If you have some questions for the president, send them Chuck’s way.  Who knows, it could end up on TV.

But better yet, watch the Press Conference, if questions from average citizens come up, it could be a sign of changes to come.  

As Ari Melber notes:

We don’t know if the press or the White House will begin opening up this week, but if the public keeps pressing, it should only be a matter of time.

For too long, the American citizens have always seemed to be the last people to find out the news – I mean, this is a position we should really expect to have – but lately, it seems like we’re finding things out years later.  I’m thinking about the Bush torture memos that Obama’s been releasing.  We do live in a democracy – we should at least be able to know what’s going on, especially with an economy like this one.

London Update 16
March 21, 2009, 11:12 pm
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Whoa, the 16th update. Wow, it certainly feels like I’ve lived here forever.

To preface, I’m sorry that this blog has turned into me basically rambling about my life in London, etc. with very little political commentary in between – it’s just really hard with the time difference and with working all day.  Things will change over the summer – nothing’s better than sitting outside watching the sunset and reading blogs!

So this week…

On Sunday it was off to do laundry with Mal.  We got lunch too – which was nice.  Then it was off to Sainsbury’s to pick up the weeks groceries.  And chats all night long.  First it was Steph and Jackie – had to figure out housing things and catch up.  Then parentals for the weekly chat.

Monday it was off to the Tower of London.  It was amazing seeing all of that history and feeling the warm sun.  Pictures will be up soon.  Then off to High Street Ken to find a new bag and just walk around.  Monday night we went to see a show called Invasion for class.  It was about multiculturalism in Sweden.  The best parts: “She probably has a monthly pass” – all of us have monthly passes, and he was using this as a compliment for a girl – and “You know, Waterloo” – as the translator was saying things about blowing himself up.

Tuesday – Thursday.  Seriously, nothing much happened.  It was off to work during the day, coming home, eating dinner and sodoking, and then getting to bed early.  Yes, we didn’t even go out for St. Patrick’s Day – it’s just really no big deal here – could have something to do with English-Irish relations.

Friday, well you can read all about yesterday right below my post.  After a hectic time trying to make it work – 3 different lines, arriving 30 minutes late, I finally made it.  The workday ended with compliments from Jez – that’s “J E Zed” as he always spells on the phone to clients.  And the Tube ride home was quick and painless, followed by harassment from the Whole Foods guy.  In the afternoon, I walked around Hyde Park to see the roses and enjoy the warm day.  There were lots of tourists, kids, and mates playing football.  Friday night, it was another early night – I seriously fell asleep at 9:30!

Today it was nice to sleep in – until 10:30, yeah 13 hours of sleep!  Then it was time to catch up on work – my multiculturalism reading for class (not that paper sadly) and some Obama reading for my work for distinction.  Then off to High Street Ken to run errands – Barclays (bank to get money), Orange (to top up my phone), Boots (drugstore, to get allergy meds), Tube (to add onto my monthly pass), and then shopping around – got a cute dress actually, it’ll be nice for summer.  

Oh the stories of the complimentary British gents we found during our journeys on the High Street.  First in Orange – got chatted up by the Top-Up guy, but the best part was when Myles (the other Top-up guy) noticed Mal and Markey, “Oh, look at those hot white girls!”  Yeah guys, nice chatting with you, but we don’t care about who your favorite US R&B artist is, one that we’ve never heard of no less.  And then at the Tube station, “Where ya from?”  – it’s classic.  But gets better, “Connecticut” – “Umm” – “I got to uni in Boston” – “Oh Boston, that’s by New York right?”.  And then to compliment the left-handedness and mention Obama – this guy certainly thought he was god’s gift to flirting.  Bring on the lolz.

Tonight we saw Duplicity with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen – very good.  And then stopped for snacks and a round of drinks at Cactus Blue.  And wait for it…. we actually found REAL nachos – yes, real ones.  It was amazing.  Mixed drinks + nachos = perfect!

Tomorrow it’s Sainsbury’s in the morning for food, then paper writing (booo!) and research all afternoon, off to St. Paul’s (for mass, no less – too bad I’m Catholic) at 6, and parentals chat at 10.  This week entails class (Monday), work (the rest of the week), and then ???  We’ll see, keep you updated!

March 20, 2009, 4:22 pm
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Yes, TGIF.  This has been quite the day – it actually deserves it’s own post.

Breakfast- enjoyed with the company of Mal, Markey, and Nicole – quite a change from the usual quiet kitchen.

Then… BBC reports severe delay on the Jubilee Line – gotta go, gotta get the Tube.

Waiting on Gloucester Road Tube for my District Line train, oh wait… District Line closed because of a person under the track.

Break – this is about the 3rd time some one has been on the track of the District Line – continue…

Ok fine, Picadilly Line to Green Park, then I’ll catch the Jubilee line.

Reach Green Park, told Jubilee Line not running past Waterloo (London Bridge is 2 stops past Waterloo) – take the Victoria Line.

Get lost at Green Park tube, find Victoria Line – take it to Stockwell.  Then Northern Line to London Bridge – with loads of cute school kids on the train.

Arrive at work – only 30 minutes late.  It’s fine though, my boss is out of the office for most of the day.

Work work work – write emails, fix the photo database, write postcards to the family.

Pete comes back around 2, says I can leave at 3.  

Lo, Pete, and I have a 30 minute conversation about candy (and Nickelodeon).

As I’m leaving, Lo starts telling me where I should venture off to this weekend – Covent Garden perhaps, what movie was filmed there?

This is where Jez jumps in – yes that movie, blah blah blah.  Then he apologizes for interrupting with, “I’m sorry, I just love your accent; every time I hear it, I just stop everything and listen to what you’re saying.  It’s adorable.”

Lol Jez- is this going to happen every week now – comments about my accent?  :)

Then walking home from the tube – guy handing out flyers for an event follows me – “Please, won’t you take a flyer.  Please.  I’m sure you’d like it.  Do you want one.”

And now I’ve finally watched Obama on Leno (aka my day is complete).

And it’s beautiful out so I’m off to Hyde Park – pictures!